Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thank You For Your Patience

As regular readers know, there is a health problem in my family (mom, congestive heart failure, in a rehab place trying to regain her strength to go home -- thanks for asking!). I didn't have time to write a post.

In case you stopped in to say hi though, here are some things on my mind.

1. What happened to Jezebel.com? When I started reading in 2007, there were posts where the gang would drink wine and try out the "shenis"and record the whole thing and put it online, and Moe was all about the economic news and whatever else she was mad about, like homes where you can't flush tampons, and Slut Machine was all about "One D a Day." It's completely different now. What happened?

2. Why didn't Richard Russo write another book like Straight Man? Straight Man is an actually really funny book. If I could write something like that, that is what I would do all the time. But he's gotten more and more serious and less and less funny. Why? Is it because "serious" seems more important? If that's it, wow, do I think he's got the wrong end of the stick.

3. What the fucking fuck with RBG's comments on Colin Kaepernick?

4.  I've been driving around suburban US the last few days, and I keep thinking about that movie Wall-E, where the people of the future have these moving chairs and cup holders and they can't move. Yikes!

 OK, I'll try to see y'all back here next week. Thank you for reading! I hope everyone is well!

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Janet Vickers said...

Hope your Mum gets better soon. And thanks for letting us know.