Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fixing Fashion

New rule for the world:  only athletes can be fashion models.

Honestly, I used to love fashion.  It always annoys me when people are all "Oh, I'm really into architecture" and then go on to put down fashion as frivolous.  Guys, it's the same thing: art in a practical context.

But the fashion skinniness problem is SO out of control. It's just nuts.  You can't even enjoy looking at the ads anymore.

My proposal addresses the problem.  Athletes are obviously super healthy.  They'd be good for us to emulate.  They look great. 

Plus, they're a pretty racially diverse group.  There are plenty of disabled athletes.  And the athletes -- female athletes, I mean -- could use the money.

You see?  A bunch of problems, solved.

Or, you know, this approach is OK too:

This is a large Guess ad in the shop window near my home.  More like this please!

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