Monday, August 25, 2014

Philosophy 101, Fall 2064! Brought to you by RitBull™! The "Smarter" Energy Drink!

Welcome! And thank you for signing up for Fall 2064, Phil 101, a.k.a. "Philosophers: They're Just Like Us!"

This Fall's courses are the best we've ever offered! They are 100% guaranteed to prepare you for the finest entry-level internships! (Terms and conditions apply; please see your UniPak for details). We think you're amazing! And we're so glad you're here!

Before we get to the boooring stuff, we'd like to remind all our students that this syllabus is brought to you by RitBull™! Your days of struggling to score off-label pills from your scammy friends is over. We took the active ingredient in Ritalin (that's Methylphenidate for all you amazeballs biogeeks out there) and combined it with the awesomest ingredientsin RedBull, all so YOU can have the most amazing study experience ever! Be sure to check out our sister product, Cokerall, now available in Cherry-Gingko-Bobcat flavor!

Topic 1: Theism and the Problem of Evil

In this topic we're talking about the question that just won't go away: if God is so great, why does bad shit happen? Special focus on: does bad shit really happen, or does it just seem like bad shit is happening?

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Topic 2: Justice and Inequality

In this topic we get very current-eventsy, asking deep questions about whether it's "fair" that some people just inherit huge sums while others have to beg for food. Our discussion will center on the question, "Wait, 'fairness?' Is that really even a thing?"

NOTE: We're thrilled to be sponsored by the Liberty-FTW! Institute for presentation of this great topic! Thanks, liberty guys!

Topic 3: Philosophy of Science

Is science for realz? You may not know it, but for hundreds of years philosophers have been, like, OMG we're not sure! Special consideration of the question: Science after Hume: is it all just a matter of faith?

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